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The Ecostream story began in February 2012, when we decided it was time to open a store focused on reusing containers and offering everyday products without the packaging. Whilst looking for the perfect store location, we began to source the products and suppliers which would become the lifeblood of the Ecostream concept. Without offering good quality, affordable products we knew the concept would not work.

First on the agenda were detergents, oils and vinegars and some great local and international suppliers were found, but this was just the start. To take the concept further we also began to source re-usable products such as coffee cups, lunch boxes and home water filters. A focus on local producers and suppliers has always been a priority, of which we now have 12 based in Sussex, providing us with chocolate, honey, coffee, tea, rapeseed oil, soap and more…

We aim to offer a range of everyday products that are available to refill in-store. So fill up your own bottles and containers with our ever expanding range of everyday essentials and reduce the number of bottles you discard or recycle. Our refill range includes both Eco and Classic ranges of cleaning and beauty products, delicious Olive and Cooking Oils, Vinegar’s, Chocolate, Honey, Soy sauces, Home Fragrances, Nuts, Pasta, Rice, Pulses, Grains, Spices and Handmade Soaps.

We also stock a great range of refillable and reusable accessories such as KeepCup, Bobble, Bodum, Brita & BWT, Contigo, Sistema and Sodastream.

How it works

Simply bring in your empty bottle, container or Jerry can, which is weighed and then you fill with the product of your choice. You can fill up as much or as little as you like, not only is this a more environmentally friendly way to shop, it also saves you money when you refill. Our aim is to minimize packaging and cut costs.


Here at Ecostream we believe that as a new Brighton-based business it is important we focus on supporting local business. There are a lot of great products in the East Sussex area and we wanted to buy local and sell local as much as possible. We currently have 12 suppliers based in and around Brighton, most of which are small businesses that have started at grass roots level. We buy from them because the quality is excellent and in doing so we put a little back into this wonderful city. If you know of a product that would work in a refill store please get in touch!